Backlit RGB colours


The Sonic Wave keyboard uses RGB colour LED’s giving you a rainbow coloured spectrum of colours for your enjoyment.
The backlit keys on the keyboard illuminates your keyboard at night during intense gaming or typing sessions!

9 unique LED modes.

The Sonic Wave has a wide assortment of LED modes! Here are a few examples:

  • MUSIC EQUALISER MODE - LED lights on your keyboard follow to the beat of your music!

  • ECHO TYPING MODE- Each key you type will create a LED reaction that will radiate horizontally or vertically!

  • RAINBOW STREAM MODE- Creates a rainbow spectrum display of colours that flow horizontally.
  • Includes many more other modes to choose from!


    LED lights react to the audio of your games!

    Immerse yourself in game by seeing the LED lights react to the sound of explosions,
    gunfire and many other game audios

    Music Equaliser LED lights!

    Lights follow the beat to your music!.

    Listen to music and watch your LED lights dance to the sound of your music!

    Hybrid keys switches
    for satisfying experience


    The Sonic Wave hybrid music gaming keyboard has hybrid switches that provide a satisfying and enjoyable typing and gaming experience.

    19 anti-ghosting keys

    The Sonic Wave hybrid music keyboard features 19 key anti-ghosting keys.

    This will ensure you have complete control at all times to destroy your foes in games!
    Includes many more other modes to choose from!
    Product name: Sumvision Sonic Wave Hybrid LED gaming keyboard
    Product type: Hybrid music LED gaming keyboard with 9 LED modes
    Cable length: 1.7 meters
    Interface: USB
    key number: 105 keys
    Operating system Windows 10/8/7/Vista/Xp/ME/98/2000
    Keyboard Size: 441*135*42 mm
    1 x Keboard  
    1 x Quick start guide