8 core 64-bit 1.5Ghz CPU

High performance CPU

Utilising the latest Rockchip 64-bit 1.5Ghz Octa-core CPU, the 8 core CPU now boasts with even better multi-tasking abilities and faster processing speed.

Octa-core Power VR G6110 graphic chipset has high performance 2D accelerator.


4K resolution video playback

The Cyclone Android X8 media player is compatible with 4K media files giving you full 4K resolution videos with ultra high quality crisp image and video quality. Using the the latest high compression H.265 codec.

KODI Video Playback

Remote with custom hot key assignment

Personalise your Android X8 media player by assigning apps to three customisable hot keys. Access any of your favourite apps with the press of one button!

Next generation codec on X8

H.265 provide twice the comparession efficiency compare the older standard H.264. Clears and sharper video but using same file size as the h.264.
Program and assign any
apps to the three buttons on the remote
CPU: Rockchip 3368 64bits Octa-core
GPU: Octa core Power VR G6110
Storage: 8GB
Micro SD: Up to 32GB
Input: 2 x USB port, 1 X micro SD/SDHC, 1 x AV, 1 x RJ45
Wi-Fi Built in 2.4G Wi-Fi
LAN: Rj45/ Ethernet 10/100
Video output: HDMI 2.0 up to 4K, 1080p
Android: 5.2
Kodi 15.2
1 x Adapter  
1 x Remote control  
1 x HDMI cable  
1 x Quick start guide  
1 x HDMI cable  

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22/03/16 Please note please use the pre-install Kodi for the best performance and compatibility. Using another kodi version can't guarantee full compatibility and performance.